Marine Surveying

We have two master marine surveyors on hand that can assist with all surveying needs whether it be for purchasing a new boat, an updated survey for your insurance company, or preparing to sell your boat.

Pre Purchase & Condition Survey

A pre-purchase C&V survey is one that provides the buyer, insurance company, or a mortgage company with the information needed to understand the condition of a vessel prior to purchase. This survey is a comprehensive inspection of the vessel and is accepted by all insurance and financial institutions.

Basic Survey

A basic survey is a less comprehensive version of the full C&V survey. The vessel will not need to be hauled out of the water unless required by your insurance or financial institution.

Sea Trial

A sea trial is conducted with the buyer and/or broker to document the performance, handling, ride and mechanical operation of the vessel.

Engine Oil Analysis

An engine oil analysis is a sample of oil that is sent to the lab and analyzed for certain metals and its chemical makeup that can tell you more and the wear of the internal metal components of the engine. Engine oil is like the blood of your boat and an analysis is much like getting blood work done with your doctor.