Buff & Wax

Nothing can make your boat stand out more than having the gel coat rejuvenated with a buff and wax. Every boat is different and has its unique needs as far as its gel coat goes. These differences include the chemical makeup of the gelcoat itself, age and condition, whether the boat has been in salt water, color, and the boat’s location.

Given these wide variety of factors we use numerous compounds and waxes made by the industries best manufacturers to give your boat the best possible appearance.

We will give your boat a customized estimate to account for all of these factors and work with you to balance expectations, cost and timeline. With over 30 years in this industry, let our experience give your boat the maximum possible shine it deserves.

Our Process

  • Little to no oxidation
    We apply a high gloss UV inhibiting wax or polish by hand and remove with microfiber towels.
  • Minor to medium oxidation
    We apply a specially formulated mix of compound and wax and polish off with rotary buffers to remove minor oxidation that leaves the boat with a protected high gloss finish.
  • Heavy oxidation
    We first go over the boat with a heavy compound using an aggressive wool pad to remove the heaviest of oxidations. If needed, we then go over the gel coat with a polish with a foam pad to remove any swirls or remaining imperfections. Finally we finish with a high gloss UV inhibiting wax to give the boat a deep and lustrous shine.